PES 2021 Super Star Patch 2023 V3.1 Update

PES 2021 Super Star Patch 2023 V3.1 Update

PES 2021 Super Star Patch 2023 V3.1 Update – patch update from Egyptian makers of “Super Star Patch 2023” series for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

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Resolve any reported issues of the previous version
Solve the loading screen issue in Master League and you will be able to play the whole Master League without problems
Low sound of songs added to the game such as (Rap Sin/Pace 23/Al-Ahly and Zamalek)
Support cuts and support update for the Egyptian team
Solving the problem with showing ads when launching the selector
Update of all summer transfers 18.07.2023
Update and add many faces to all periodicals, including about 1500 new faces.
Adding 3 new fully licensed teams to the roster, a mini face and some faces (Saudi Victory / Ittihad Jada / Inter Miami)
Individual awards update (Africa MVP/World MVP/Champions League MVP)
Adding new faces to the African Champions League such as teams (Sun Downs / Wydad / Esperance) and more will be added with updates
Update of the Egyptian League Championship for the new season
Update of the championship of the Spanish league for the new season
Exclusive: Egypt Super Cup 2023 Season Update (Teams, Crews, Cup, Advertising, Scoreboard, Lanes, Graphics)
Adding the new 2024 football season uniforms that have been announced so far and more will be added through updates.
Updated backgrounds and lists that change depending on each tournament in high quality.
Add rising teams across all leagues for the new 2024 season.
Exclusive: New menu added to Al-Ahly Club
Exclusive: adding a new menu to Zamalek Club
Update and add new menus for some commands, you can choose between them through the selector
Solving the problem of the appearance of the best player in Asia during the presentation of the award of the best player in Africa
Exclusive: the special atmosphere of the final match of the CAF Champions League, just like the truth
Update of the African Champions League Cup stand and the addition of a new podium for the African Champions League.
Update and addition of all kits of the Egyptian league, as well as the addition of high quality reserve kits.
Exclusive: Add African Confederation Cup (Cup, Ads, Scoreboard, Tracks, Graphics, Podium) (paid version only)
Exclusive: Addition of our new stadium called (SUPER STAR ARENA STADIUM) for friendly matches with very strong features and new additions that you will see for the first time in the PES 21 game (exclusively only for the paid version of the update only)
Updated all Egyptian and European trainers with real names and photos.
Exclusive: New German League scoreboard has been added.
Resolve an issue that prevented the new Egyptian League ball from appearing while playing in the Egyptian League Championship.
Fixed issue with CAF Champions League stop list appearing in all tournaments.
Fix for CAF Champions League style appearing when entering game plan
Exclusive: Adding a special atmosphere to friendly matches.
Addressing the issue of AFC Champions League banners appearing in the Premier League in the African Champions League
Super matches update for all European and Egyptian leagues for the new 2024 season.
See the video below for all the details and installation.

1. Must be installed – PES 2021 Super Star Patch V3 AIO
2. Install Super Star Patch 2023 V3.1 Update
3. Install Fix Super Star Patch 2023 V3.1 Update.

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