eFootball - Cards and campaigns in honor of Lionel Messi

eFootball – Cards and campaigns in honor of Lionel Messi

Starting this Thursday, November 2nd, Konami will celebrate with great fanfare the eighth Ballon d’Or received on Monday, October 30th by Lionel Messi, eFootball Chief Ambassador.

Free eFootball 2024 card

The evolving Messi Highlight card is offered to all players who log into eFootball before November 11, 2023. His base overall rating is 85, and at maximum development he can reach 99 with an optimal game plan.

eFootball 2024 Login Bonuses

There will also be a special login bonus offered until November 16th. By logging in every day, you can get up to 100,000 training experience points and 40,000 GP.

Campaign Goals
Also until November 16th, you can earn up to 60,000 Training XP and an additional 60,000 GP by completing campaign objectives with Lionel Messi on your team.

Global Leo Meter Challenge
Until January 11, 2024, score as many goals as possible with Lionel Messi in eFootball to unlock gifts thanks to the “Leo Meter”.

If the total number of goals scored in the 2023 Ballon d’Or reaches 800 million before the end date of the event, all eFootball players will be offered 200 eFootball coins, 150,000 GP, 8 technical training programs and 80,000 training experience points.

Three Big Time cards available
Finally, three enhanced editions of Lionel Messi “Big Time” are available in special player draws: Argentina December 13, 2022 with an overall base rating of 101, FC Barcelona May 6, 2015 with an overall base rating of 102, and FC Barcelona May 27, 2009 with overall basic rating 101. basic overall rating.