PES 2021 eSim Realistic Gameplay 2024

PES 2021 eSim Realistic Gameplay 2024

PES 2021 eSim Realistic Gameplay AIO 2024 – Realistic gameplay “eSim” of the 2024 season for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is presented.

This is the full version.
Compatible with all patches.
“eSim” is beyond evolution.
The final evolution of “eSim”.
“eSim” of the next generation.
Additional services.

There are two installation options:
1. Easy installation.
There are many options provided, select your version, copy the dt18_all.cpk file to a folder, go to the eFootball PES 2021/Data folder, paste and overwrite when prompted.

2. Alternative advanced installation using Gameplay Loader (If you don’t know what Gameplay Loader is, you can just ignore it.
1) Install Gameplay Loader and test it.
2) Select the eSim versions you want to use, copy the full folder (eg: eSim Beyond Evolution) to eFootball PES 2021/sider/content/gameplay-loader. You can copy as much as you want.
3) Find the gameplay-mods file in the eFootball PES 2021/sider/content/gameplay-loader folder, open it in a text editor and add the name of the mod folder you inserted on a separate line. (eg: eSim Beyond Evolution)
4) Launch the game through Sider, activate it and scroll until you see the Gameplay Loader module, select the gameplay mod you want to use.

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