PES 2021 Optimized AI vs AI Gameplay

PES 2021 Optimized AI vs AI Gameplay

PES 2021 Optimized AI vs AI Gameplay – is a new version of the gameplay from April 7, 2024 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features from the Author:
I found a good formula for playing with the AI in this game.
Because the default gameplay is boring, and with artificial intelligence it is very difficult to score goals against each other.
First of all, I am not a MODER of this gameplay.
I’m just mixing all the gameplays I’ve tried and combining them.
You can use different tactics to get a different result.

Recommended setting:
Speed +2.
The complexity of the legend.
Enable the “Offside Trap” feature in tactic.

– Very interactive counterattack.
– Develop the game.
– Fast dribbling.
– Excellent freak kick.
– AI can perform special/acrobatic moves.
– AI sometimes makes the wrong pass.
– Average level of goalkeeper protection.
– Accurate long-range strike.
– Low level of protection for defenders.

Don’t forget to back up your original files.
Remove all other gameplay elements associated with the mod.
The result may vary if you are using a different game mod.
Before installation, save similar original files.

Installation on PES 2021 using:
1. You must have PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.2.1
or for PES 2021 Sider 7.2.0 Special Edition
2. Copy to similar folders.
3. In sider.ini write:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Simulation_game”
lua.module = “AI_Tweaks.lua”
lua.module = “Dynamic_Difficulty.lua”

Special Thanks for Twiggy, Holland, crabshank.