PES 2021 Gameplay Liberty v5.0

PES 2021 Gameplay Liberty v5.0

PES 2021 Gameplay Liberty v5.0 – maker “tdth” presented the fifth version of the gameplay mod for the 2024 season for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Controls: heavy, unresponsive, pressing the delay button.
Changing the cursor: a complete mess, it is impossible to switch to the desired player.
Pass-through: Excessive power, too far from the intended recipient.
Player movement: A player runs away from the ball, or runs with the ball towards opponents, or suddenly moves in an unexpected direction when receiving a pass.

A few personal thoughts on the gameplay:
My definition of a scenario is interference with a player’s control and movement where you cannot properly control a player on the field and the player moves without any action or in a different direction than intended.
I don’t think AI enhancement is about scripting; This is a normal feature of many games on the market. As the difficulty level increases, the AI gains more buff.
I believe that football should be a dynamic and ever-changing game; therefore, features such as stat boosts and team spirit boosts should remain. Otherwise, it would turn into a monotonous attribute competition, the outcome of which can be predicted before the match begins.

Unzip the archive, copy the dt18_all.cpk file and place it in the DATA folder of your PES 2021.