PES 2021 Red Bull Arena 2024

PES 2021 Red Bull Arena 2024

PES 2021 Red Bull Arena 2024 by Papijonnnn – updated German football stadium “Red Bull Arena” for the 2024 season for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

For PES 2021 and PES 2020
It is the home stadium of the RB Leipzig football club.

From the author:
I was finally able to fix the backlight issues I was having. Huge thanks to DAV for its amazing tool “PES Lightmanager”. I even went the extra mile and added a bird’s eye view of the outside of the stadium, which took quite a while, along with a bunch of other stuff and little features like advertising boards that open up at halftime to allow players to walk away with
fields, billboards placed all over the field and they also do this in real life, new Red Bull wallpaper around the stadium and even a real tunnel with red/pink lights!

This also includes new, neat benches and technical areas made from scratch, a new red seating scheme as well as real snow for snowy nights, actual sun positions for daytime matches and real sponsors and flags throughout the field. The only thing I unfortunately missed was not being able to add waving flags at the end of Ultra due to a bug I had with the Dav tool.

Hopefully I can add this as a future update! The Ultra booth has been updated to match real life, including a new building and fan store behind it, as well as the banner and branding “Rasenball Sport Leipzig”.  New VIP rooms, glass and appearance of the stadium.

Many thanks to Arl for allowing me to include his Leipzig video advertisement in this project. It also comes with UCL, UEL and disabled UNL banners and you can rename them as you like. As you know, I like to add things, down to the smallest detail. Here why did this stadium take so long to make but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did create it for you!!

A. If the team is available in your patch (installation via Map_Teams.txt)
B. If the command is NOT in your patch (installation via Map_Competitions.txt).

Don’t forget to write in text documents – in map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt

RB Leipzig ID: 5010 (SP Football Life 2024 ID)
Stadium ID: 009

Example of registration in map_teams.txt:
5010, 009, Red Bull Arena, Red Bull Arena #RB Leipzig

Example of registration in map_competitions.txt:
65535, 009, Red Bull Arena, Red Bull Arena, , , # Exhibition

Install in similar folders :
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.60
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.50
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.40
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.25

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